Friday, February 27, 2015

Talk to a Business Insurance Broker Before Starting a Craft Distillery Business

You may toy with the idea of starting a micro-distillery, also known as craft distillery, which is essentially a small-scale version of the world’s biggest distilleries where drinks are blended from highly varied ingredients to bring classic or new spirit to the market. You can produce virtually any type of liquor there is, but the real challenge to carve out a niche for yourself is in creating drinks no one would find anywhere else but in your very own distillery. Ten years ago, craft distilleries were few and far-between: only 70 existed throughout the nation. Now that number has grown to a total of 623, producing new interpretation of classic spirits from whiskey, gin, vodka, and rum, Washington, Colorado, and Michigan are the top three states when it comes to craft distilling. But if you wish to join this elite group, you need to face a mountain of preparations at hand.

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