Thursday, May 7, 2015

Michigan Home Insurance Gives You Funds for a Water Backup Cleanup

Though floods are the most expected source for water damage, your home can have the same problem if your toilet or sewer backs up. Water damage can do a lot of destruction on your home. Water can warp the wood in your floor and walls; this can weaken the structural foundation of your home. In addition, if improperly dried, the remaining moisture from water damage can encourage mold growth, a health threat in the home. Finally, bacteria are often part and parcel of any water damage, as dirty water has a lot of microorganisms. Repairing all of this damage is reason enough to get Michigan home insurance.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Expert Business Insurance Agent Advice: Understanding Your Coverage

As a business owner, you might find a sense of relief knowing that your business’s future is secure even in the wake of disaster. While there are many types of insurance for businesses, most entrepreneurs tend to overlook one type that can potentially save you a load of heartache in times of unforeseen circumstances: business interruption insurance. Having business interruption insurance means lost income will be covered if ever events such as fire, storms or hurricanes interrupt your business. As with all types of insurance, not everything is black and white, so you will need the help of an experienced business insurance agent to understand coverage. Business Interruption Insurance Basics Business interruption insurance is not stand-alone; it must be added to your insurance policy. To get interruption insurance, you must first produce a record of your current income.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We Now Offer Michigan Business Insurance for Senior Care Companies

At Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. are happy to announce that we are adding even more options to our arsenal of Michigan business insurance policies. Specifically, we’re talking about the highly specialized insurance programs for companies in the Senior Care Industry that our valued clients can now enjoy. You can check further details at the newly created “Independent, Senior, and Assisted Living Insurance Programs” page. In order to carry out the said programs, we have partnered with multiple carriers. This is a necessary step to help us to accurately evaluate the specific needs and exposures of this particular insurance industry. Doing so lets us develop insurance programs suitable for the industry, with characteristics like exclusive coverage extensions as well as risk management alternatives. We are confident that this can protect companies in the senior care industry better than ever before.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Michigan Auto Insurance Company Provides Safer Environment for Clients

Allied Insurance Managers, Inc., a Michigan auto insurance company, offers its new Fleet Safety program to provide a safer work environment on the road, thus reducing the risk of vehicular accidents and work-related fatalities. As the business partner of many businesses, our firm knows that the safety of your products and your workers are the highest priority. This is why at Allied Insurance Managers has developed the Fleet Safety Policy to ensure that all employees are capable of doing their job as safely as possible. Our Fleet Safety program consists of six components: Recruitment, Job Requirements, Training, Preventative Maintenance, Accident Investigation, and Company Vehicles for Personal use. All of these are geared towards improving our clients’ services for their respective markets.