Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Michigan Home Insurance: As a Renter, You Need Protection Too

Renting usually means you have fewer things to be concerned about. Should the drain clog, there’s your landlord’s plumber to fix the mess. Should the air conditioning stop working totally, all you need is to call the property owner to have it replaced. This is why it often takes some serious events, such as a burglary, fire or an accident, for many renters to realize why they need an insurance. As a Renter, You Need Protection Too In fact, according to Simple Dollar, renters insurance is the least purchased product in the insurance market. On a 2012 poll, while 96% of homeowners have home insurance, only 31% of renters have theirs. While some can’t afford an insurance in the first place, there are renters here in Michigan who mistakenly assume they are covered by their landlord’s policy. There are also those who underestimate the value of their belongings, although the latter could easily add up to thousands of dollars.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Business Insurance Brokers: Find the Right Coverage for a Golf Course

Golf courses face insurance risks that are unique to their industry. Though such locations project scenes of serenity and tranquility, golf courses are still businesses. And like any business, there are dangers that could result in a potentially significant insurance claim at any time. Risk assessments and having the right business insurance agent are key to avoiding such unfortunate circumstances. Below are some of the types of coverage that trusted insurance companies offer golf course owners. Golf Cart Insurance Golf Carts are the primary mode of transportation for golfers on the green. Regardless if your patrons use them off-road or on, proper insurance can help you protect your investment.Golf carts can get stolen or damaged, and they can also cause serious damage or injuries in an accident. Even if you’re not legally bound to buy insurance for your golf carts, it will be wise for you to do so for your own peace of mind.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Michigan Car Insurance Info: Get to Know the State’s No-Fault Law

When it comes to automobile, bus, truck, or motorcycle accidents in Michigan, it is important to note that the state practices a no-fault policy. Under Michigan’s No-Fault Act, your auto insurance company will be the one responsible for paying most of your economic damages, regardless of who’s at fault. Coming into effect on October 1, 1973, the law was designed to achieve two things: compensate persons injured in auto accidents quickly and equitably, and limit lawsuits by paying benefits quickly. Michigan Auto Law enumerates the five benefits you could be entitled to should you find yourself involved in a car accident in the Great Lake State.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Umbrella Business Insurance: Protection against Devastating Lawsuits

The United States is an extremely litigious nation where everyone can sue anybody for just about anything. Businesses are primary targets, with lawsuits (ranging from evident company errors to frivolous claims) reaching hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Either way, if a legal settlement or verdict exceeds your Michigan business’s liability coverage, your solvency would be at risk. For these reasons, it’s a wise move to get an umbrella business insurance policy which would provide added protection against disastrous losses arising from lawsuits. Consider the following scenarios: • One of your employees driving a company vehicle gets involved in an accident that injures others. • A customer suffers from a slip-and-fall injury because your premises weren’t maintained properly. • A manager is accused of harassment by an employee. • You sold a faulty product that caused damage to a customer’s property.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Why Home Insurance is Essential to Condominium Owners in Michigan

Condo associations in Michigan typically have insurance policies, but these tend to not cover everything in the complex. Such policies would most likely just include common areas of the building, including the common rooms, hallways, pools, and the exterior. Depending on what is written on the condo association’s master policy, condo owners would need a separate home insurance policy that would cover individual and personal needs. Home insurance for a condo unit would cover both personal property and personal liability for added protection. Home insurance for condominiums is referred to as a dwelling policy (DP). It is a multiple-line insurance that has property and liability coverage. It can cover damage to furniture, clothing, appliances, and other personal items as well as personal belongings in the home or elsewhere. The policy can also cover the common loss assessments made by the condo association for all unit owners.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Business Insurance Agent: Garage Insurance for Auto Repair Services

Regardless of your business’s size, protecting the vehicles in the premises of your auto repair shop is a must. Commercial auto insurance will help you mitigate the impact of possible unpleasant events (such as shop accidents, servicing errors, and equipment damage) on your finances. With the help of a business insurance agent from Allied Insurance Managers, you can arm your business with the right coverage against any future challenges you may face as an auto repair shop owner. One of the policies we highly recommend is our Garage Keepers Liability Coverage. What is Garage Keepers Liability Coverage? Generally, you need this coverage to protect customer vehicles from occurrences such as fire, theft, bad weather, or vandalism at your place of business. Our insurance is specifically designed to protect you in case a customer vehicle is damaged while kept at your business location for storage, parking, or maintenance and repair.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

MI Auto Insurance: Filling the Gap with Guaranteed Auto Protection

Your current auto insurance serves as your safeguard in case of total vehicle loss. But what if the insurance proceeds are not enough to pay off the outstanding balance or lease payments on your vehicle? There remains an obligation for you to pay the deficiency. In this case, you may want to get additional coverage, specifically the Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP), for extra security. Here in Michigan, Allied Insurance Managers can provide you this supplemental coverage. As with all types of policies, GAP insurance has its limitations. Generally, it excludes overdue payments; penalties due to excessive use; carry-over balances from past loans and leases; deductions for wear and tear, towing, storage, and prior damage by the main insurer; add-on installations to the car; and insurances purchased along with the loan or lease.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Michigan Home Insurance: The Benefit of Enhancing Your Home's Security

Whether you’re out for a week-long vacation or you have an event to attend during the night, leaving your house unattended and unsecured can make it especially enticing to burglars. Although you can’t make your home entirely safe from thieves, there are certain safety measures you can take to drastically reduce your risk of becoming a victim. We at Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. encourage Michigan homeowners like you to consult with us regarding home insurance to minimize potential property losses should the worst occur. Standard homeowner policies are divided into several categories, but home insurance typically covers liability for accidents that occur within the premises, as well as the loss of a home’s content or the owner’s possessions. Policies for residences require that those who are insured are living in the property.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Expanding Abroad? Is Your Business Protected?

More and more U.S.-based businesses are expanding globally. This choice not only brings in a diverse set of customers and greater revenues to fuel company growth; it also provides exposure to innovative and culturally-sensitive business methods that can further develop management practices. However, these new opportunities come with risks. Here at home, business owners understand the legal complexities their ventures may be facing, but things are different outside U.S. borders. Allied Insurance Managers, Inc.¬¬¬— a business insurance provider— can help you find the right foreign liability insurance here in Michigan.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Business Insurance Policies for Bowling Alleys

Our continued commitment to provide some of the best insurance products in an ever-expanding range of industries allows us to offer our clients more options when it comes to securing their businesses and properties. This is why we are now offering our new Bowling Alley Policies, which are specifically designed to help proprietors who operate bowling alleys insure their businesses. A business insurance agent from Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. can help clients understand this new insurance policy. Here are some facts about Bowling Alley Policies. A Bowling Alley Policy provides liability protection for the business itself, including the employees and volunteers who run the operation. It will cover claims from injuries to spectators, and even be made to include participant liability. Our general liability limits start at $1 million per occurrence with a $3 million aggregate.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Determining Coverage Needs for Commercial Auto Insurance in Michigan

Companies and entrepreneurs in Michigan, or anywhere else for that matter, put a lot of their assets at risk to operate their businesses on a daily basis. An insurance policy helps protect these assets when an unfortunate accident occurs. Perhaps one of the most important types of insurance in the market is commercial auto insurance. This is why we at Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. offer several coverage options with our commercial auto insurance policies. We can write anywhere from one auto, to an unlimited amount on a business policy. In addition to this, we partner with a wide range of trusted carriers. A commercial auto insurance policy basically works like personal car insurance. The only difference is that it can cover damages caused or sustained by an uninsured commercial vehicle. A standard commercial auto insurance policy covers employees, equipment, goods and the business itself; especially if a lawsuit is involved.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Business Insurance in Michigan: Small Business Insurance Must-Haves

Businesses with employees, no matter how small the enterprise, may be required by law to have certain types of insurance including unemployment insurance, workers compensation insurance, and even disability insurance. The type of small business you run will dictate the type and number of insurance policies you need. A few types of policies are common for many businesses, but before you buy into one, make sure to consult with a Michigan business insurance agent about your specific situation.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Home Insurance in Michigan Can Be Bumped Up by a Pool: What Can You Do

As in other states, the premium rates for home insurance in Michigan varies depending on certain considerations. Living in a disaster-prone location is a drawback that would influence premium rates because of the high-risk factor. The value of the property also affects the premium price, as the higher the value the higher the worth of potential claims. It’s important for homeowners to understand the principles that affect the rates of insurance premiums on a home. Check with your insurer first to see if a remodeling project will raise your rates. One specific feature that will almost certainly affect your home insurance costs is a swimming pool.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Auto Insurance in Michigan: 3 Common Myths about Rental Car Coverage

There are generally two types of travelers. One group can be called “old-fashioned”—these travelers rely on traditional brick-and-mortar establishments to book tickets at airline premises or have car rentals arranged and everything else until arrival at the destination. Another group is pretty much hands-on, and will arrange for everything—booking online for the best travel deals on the Internet and checking out details to arrange a car rental, for example. Either traveler type thinking of driving a car rental should consider insurance coverage. Apart from the car insurance, one can get an add-on coverage for additional protection. There are misconceptions about rental car coverage. For instances, your rental car policy linked to your auto insurance in Michigan. Here are the common myths about supplementary insurance and the truth behind them.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Michigan Homeowners Insurance: When Families need to increase their Coverage

Major life events or changes with significant financial implications are typically the best signals for you to adjust your insurance coverage. You could be moving out of your parents’ home or transitioning into owning a home after renting for a long time. You could be buying your first car or inheriting a valuable heirloom from a close relative. In these circumstances, you look for policies that will protect your newly acquired property. If you own a home and you have kids, there are certain times when you ought to bump up your existing coverage. You may have comprehensive Michigan homeowners insurance and an auto insurance policy already, but they may not constantly match your changing needs as a family.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Michigan Business Insurance: Should You Get a Product Recall Policy?

Several other industries have numerous product recall issues and a few of them – like the automotive industry – can have the costliest incidents. Thousands of consumers can be affected, and millions of dollars can be on the line. One notable incident was that of Toyota’s recall of millions of cars globally, which was estimated to cost the car giant around $2 billion. If you’re in the business of manufacturing or retailing, you may be facing the same challenges, or you might foresee similar risks. You may want to protect your company with a general Michigan business insurance policy, but this may not be enough. You also want to consider getting a product recall policy.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Michigan Business Insurance Agent Helps Safeguard your Trucking Team

Some trucking firms may be assigned to handle cargoes under the most special circumstances – and require higher insurance levels. CFR 49-387 states that companies must arrange for at least $5 million for bodily injury and property destruction when a truck is carrying explosives or hazardous materials. Your agent should also guide you on your home state’s minimum insurance guidelines for special cargoes and stowage. Every trucking firm deserves a fair chance to be part of the nation’s economic lifeblood. If you hire skilled business insurance brokers for your coverage options, their expertise will help you “keep on truckin’.”

Friday, June 19, 2015

Auto Insurance in Michigan: Sports Car Coverage

Those with the financial means may consider investing in a sports car. Whether it’s an American muscle car like the Corvette ZR1 or foreign vehicles like the Mercedes CLK GTR, a prize steed gives the driver an adrenaline rush. However, Sports Car Club Magazine underlines the importance of seeking auto insurance. If you’re buying a sports car, plan ahead. Find adequate and affordable protection. Companies that handle auto insurance in Michigan, like Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. can discuss your options with you.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Michigan Home Insurance Gives You Funds for a Water Backup Cleanup

Though floods are the most expected source for water damage, your home can have the same problem if your toilet or sewer backs up. Water damage can do a lot of destruction on your home. Water can warp the wood in your floor and walls; this can weaken the structural foundation of your home. In addition, if improperly dried, the remaining moisture from water damage can encourage mold growth, a health threat in the home. Finally, bacteria are often part and parcel of any water damage, as dirty water has a lot of microorganisms. Repairing all of this damage is reason enough to get Michigan home insurance.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Expert Business Insurance Agent Advice: Understanding Your Coverage

As a business owner, you might find a sense of relief knowing that your business’s future is secure even in the wake of disaster. While there are many types of insurance for businesses, most entrepreneurs tend to overlook one type that can potentially save you a load of heartache in times of unforeseen circumstances: business interruption insurance. Having business interruption insurance means lost income will be covered if ever events such as fire, storms or hurricanes interrupt your business. As with all types of insurance, not everything is black and white, so you will need the help of an experienced business insurance agent to understand coverage. Business Interruption Insurance Basics Business interruption insurance is not stand-alone; it must be added to your insurance policy. To get interruption insurance, you must first produce a record of your current income.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We Now Offer Michigan Business Insurance for Senior Care Companies

At Allied Insurance Managers, Inc. are happy to announce that we are adding even more options to our arsenal of Michigan business insurance policies. Specifically, we’re talking about the highly specialized insurance programs for companies in the Senior Care Industry that our valued clients can now enjoy. You can check further details at the newly created “Independent, Senior, and Assisted Living Insurance Programs” page. In order to carry out the said programs, we have partnered with multiple carriers. This is a necessary step to help us to accurately evaluate the specific needs and exposures of this particular insurance industry. Doing so lets us develop insurance programs suitable for the industry, with characteristics like exclusive coverage extensions as well as risk management alternatives. We are confident that this can protect companies in the senior care industry better than ever before.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Michigan Auto Insurance Company Provides Safer Environment for Clients

Allied Insurance Managers, Inc., a Michigan auto insurance company, offers its new Fleet Safety program to provide a safer work environment on the road, thus reducing the risk of vehicular accidents and work-related fatalities. As the business partner of many businesses, our firm knows that the safety of your products and your workers are the highest priority. This is why at Allied Insurance Managers has developed the Fleet Safety Policy to ensure that all employees are capable of doing their job as safely as possible. Our Fleet Safety program consists of six components: Recruitment, Job Requirements, Training, Preventative Maintenance, Accident Investigation, and Company Vehicles for Personal use. All of these are geared towards improving our clients’ services for their respective markets.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ensure Your Family’s Future with Home Insurance in Michigan

Losing everything you have worked for in the blink of an eye can be devastating. To prevent this, you should take steps to protect your family’s future with home insurance in Michigan. There are many considerations when it comes to choosing the right homeowners insurance policy. It is highly recommended that you understand the difference between your home’s market value and replacement cost value.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Choosing the Right Business Insurance for Your Winery in Michigan

As an owner of a winery, you know that producing fine wines is more than just growing grapes and putting it in a bottle. Aside from time, skill, and creativity, other components like staffing and management play their own roles in crafting an excellent wine. Whether your winery is family-owned or a corporation, it is important to anticipate risks and choose the right business insurance in Michigan and we can help you with customized features to meet the unique needs of your operation. For wineries, there are a number of key coverages that make up the right business insurance policy. One of which is an insurance coverage that provides you with a “manufactures selling price endorsement”. This allows for a higher valuation of your finished products. In the event of a covered loss, this coverage will account for the extra expenses that you will incur to replace and age the lost products.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Value of Business Insurance Brokers to the Construction Industry

Construction is considered to be one of the most dangerous industries in the world. Scaling tall buildings, utilizing tools that could cause injury if handled improperly, and operating heavy machinery all make construction a very risky environment that puts both the workers and the property at risk. Property damage and employee accidents are all too common at construction sites. In fact, lists construction work as one of the deadliest jobs in America. According to their article, there were 210 fatalities that occurred last 2012, accruing a relatively high fatality rate of 17.4%. In a high-risk industry such as construction, contractors have to learn how to anticipate the worst. Accidents are bound to happen no matter how rigorous their safety measures are.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Michigan Auto Insurance Companies: Tips for Filing Vandalism Claims

A vandalized car does not paint a pretty picture. Having someone intentionally damage your vehicle can be frustrating at the very least. Vandalism may be punishable by law in the state of Michigan but that doesn’t stop some people from maliciously defacing someone else’s property. Slashed tires, broken windows, and scratched paint can be very expensive to repair, and there’s nothing more vexing than spending hard-earned money on damage done by someone else’s hand. Most people don’t usually expect to become victims of vandalism and are often unprepared for such incidents. Some may find it difficult to immediately restore their cars to their former state. Having insurance coverage from a Michigan car insurance company can help to lessen the expenses the car owner has to deal with.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Let it Snow: Does your Home Insurance in Michigan Cover Winter Damages?

Winter with its crisp, cold air and delicate snowfall can be breathtakingly picturesque. Such beauty in nature, however, can easily turn ferocious. Stephanie Reid of Fox Business states: “In addition to the health and safety dangers of sub-zero temperatures, blinding snowstorms and inconspicuous ice sheets, winter weather can also be incredibly dangerous to your home.” In Michigan where it can get brutally cold in the winter, it’s important that your home insurance in Michigan needs to covers losses against damages or accidents caused by snow and ice. Snow and ice are the main threats during winter. Heavy snowfall can cause roofs to collapse. When snow melts on rooftops, it can pool towards the eaves and create ice dams that can damage roof structures; or if ice forms on the road, the ice sheets can pose great risk for falls, slips, and vehicle slide-offs.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Business Insurance in Michigan: Importance of Protecting Online Data

Today, because of the increasing power of the Internet, more and more companies, big and small, are moving their businesses online. By doing so, however, they become vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This is why it is important to have some form of business insurance in Michigan that would cover and protect online data. One such coverage is the cyber liability insurance, also known as private liability insurance or cyberbreach insurance. Elizabeth Weise of USA Today writes: “Cyberbreach insurance, which covers losses and costs due to hacker attacks on a company’s computer system, is a relatively new type of policy. It was first introduced in the 1990s, mostly to cover computer failures at banks and Fortune 500 companies.” This type of insurance became even more important in the 2000s when hackers began attacking the sensitive information database of various companies.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Talk to a Business Insurance Broker Before Starting a Craft Distillery Business

You may toy with the idea of starting a micro-distillery, also known as craft distillery, which is essentially a small-scale version of the world’s biggest distilleries where drinks are blended from highly varied ingredients to bring classic or new spirit to the market. You can produce virtually any type of liquor there is, but the real challenge to carve out a niche for yourself is in creating drinks no one would find anywhere else but in your very own distillery. Ten years ago, craft distilleries were few and far-between: only 70 existed throughout the nation. Now that number has grown to a total of 623, producing new interpretation of classic spirits from whiskey, gin, vodka, and rum, Washington, Colorado, and Michigan are the top three states when it comes to craft distilling. But if you wish to join this elite group, you need to face a mountain of preparations at hand.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Michigan Auto Insurance Covers You from the Risks of a Distracted Driving

Alarming accident numbers from survey polls conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety back up this claim. Drivers talking on the phone while on the road are a legitimate road hazard. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported hundreds of accidents caused by distracted driving in 2012, making this a pressing issue. In 2013, one such case led to the untimely demise of little Brandon Abrams, aged 6, who fell victim to a distracted driver in Texas. Now, his bereaved grandfather and scores of people from all over the nation who share relevant concerns are now pushing for the complete outlawing of distracted driving for good. Until then, only the likes of a reliable Michigan auto insurance policy will offer any sort of compensation for victims, until distracted drivers (but not always) get their just dessert in court for their deeds.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Home Insurance in Michigan: Basic Facts You Must Know about Coverage

Other than the type of siding you’ll install and the furniture you’ll place in your home office, there’s another very important thing your house needs—insurance. Home insurance in Michigan may not contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home, but it does guarantee that when certain unfortunate events befall your lovely abode, you’ll have financial assistance and a solution, not a big hole in your pocket.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Michigan Business Insurance: FAQs about Commercial Auto Insurance

Personal auto insurance is not without limitations, and those who own a commercial fleet of vehicles know this only too well. When the time comes to file a claim, you may soon discover that your personal auto insurance won’t likely cover any damage to your car if you have been using it to carry out business-related activities. For this reason, you will likely need to furnish a commercial auto insurance policy from a Michigan business insurance provider if you or your employees use vehicles for work-related tasks.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Business Insurance Agent Helps You Plan against Serious Work Hazards

On May 16, 2013, Hugo Hernandez Palomino, 28, was working on scaffolding when he was hit by a transformer. The force hurled him 8 feet into the air and down to the concrete surface below, paralyzing him from the neck down. The workers were told that the transformer had been de-energized when in fact, it had not. Palomino sued for negligence and was awarded $21.7 million for medical care, as well as for past and future lost wages.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Right Auto Insurance in Michigan Provides an Economic Safety Net

Traffic collisions in Michigan have increased by over 15,000 between 2012 and 2013. While 2014 statistics are not yet available as of this writing, it’s not unreasonable to think they’re about the same or higher than previous years. Whether or not your business or profession requires constant traveling, getting involved in a major car accident can spell economic disaster. For this reason, you have to purchase the right auto insurance in Michigan. The Insurance Information Institute provides comprehensive information on vehicle insurance, including its importance and how to purchase it. The most apparent benefit of having vehicle insurance is to keep yourself in the law’s good graces in case of accidents. In addition, you can protect yourself from the financial liabilities that come with car accidents.